Emirates is a Dubai based airline that has evolved global travel to the highest standards of quality and exceptional service. Over 1,500 Emirates flights depart Dubai each week with destinations on six continents and more than 140 destinations such as Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and more. Experience onboard spacious, ultra-modern planes that offer private suites, award-winning entertainment, gourmet meals and onboard shower spas. The world-class service doesn’t end there. Book complimentary chauffeur-drive service to take you to and from the airport and wait for your flight in exclusive lounges before you fly. Experience world class service with every Emirates flight.

Fly to Your Dream Destination

Based in Dubai Emirates is one of the best and fast growing airlines in the world. It serves more than 140 destinations in more than70 countries. It controls more than 2,400 passenger flights that link 105 cities in 62 countries globally. Commended by both passengers and industry insiders our staff is young, advanced and environmentally responsive. The extremely trained, international cabin team offers great service that is aimed to treat you from the time your journey starts. Whether you want to go to experience the flurry and energy of New York or to the secluded serenity of the Seychelles from India, Emirates flies you there.

Enjoy Emirates Services and Personal Suits

Emirates offer various services for the convenience of travellers. Because of these services emirates is first choice of most of the people. Whether you need a private suite or shower spas in first class or a comfortable bed seats in business class or spare room and adjustable lighting in Economy Class, or Wi-Fi inside the flight, the Emirates is best option for you.

Emirates - Owners of the biggest Airbus fleets

Emirates is a name known for long. The had started their journey on the air in 1985 and it’s been more than 30 years now; they have made a huge impact in the industry. Once a company that was inconspicuous have grown to newer heights. They now have the biggest ever Airbus fleets and Boeing under their wing in the world. For them, customer comfort comes first and so they make sure that the aircrafts and wide and spacious. And this is not the only thing they keep in mind. They have also blended well latest and most efficient technology based services so that the customers have everything within their access. And the flights are affordable as well

Do more than just booking with Emirates

They allow you to do more than just booking a flight through their website. It is definitely easy to book a flight via their portal, but it is even easier to manage the same. The Manage section helps you do just that. The Where We Fly section helps you find out the places they fly in and out from. You can also check your Loyalty details from their Loyalty section. What is more exciting is you can choose to have a different experience every time you fly with Emirates. You can choose between the First Class, business Class, Economy Class and the Lounges, which includes Dubai, Worldwide and Partner Lounges.